Mercy Health Employees (Toledo & Lorain)

HealthSpan has made the difficult decision to cease offering healthcare coverage for 2017. HealthSpan transitioned most of its insured membership to Medical Mutual of Ohio.
For information about your 2016 plan documents and benefits, click on one of the links below.

Submitting 2016 Claims Only

If a network provider or lab required you to pay for services up front and request reimbursement directly from HealthSpan in 2016, we will require certain documentation to process the claim for the benefits you are eligible to receive.

Members need to submit the following information for 2016 claims no later than 12 months from the original date of service:

  1. A written description of the situation that required the member to pay for the services up front. Members should be sure to include their Name, along with their HealthSpan Member ID (MRN) if available.
  2. A clear, legible copy of an itemized bill from the provider. It must include: Date of service; Name, address, and phone number of the provider along with tax identification information. The diagnosis code (ICD-9) and the procedure CPT code must be indicated along each charge for services rendered.
  3. A clear, legible copy of proof of payment must be included as well.

Members should mail this claim information to:
P.O. Box 5316

Cleveland, OH 44101

Question about your 2016 medical plan, what was covered, how to read your EOB, and how to file a 2016 claim should be directed to Customer Relations at 216-621-7100.

Submitting 2016 Pharmacy Claims Only

All 2016 pharmacy claims should be directed to Catamaran at 877-235-2017 or

To Find a Mercy Health Physician

Click here to find a physician in the 2016 Mercy Health network.